Max Milo
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No more alcohol

100 questions to get rid of this addiction

Max Milo

100 questions alcoholics and those around them ask themselves
How do I know if I'm addicted to alcohol? Why do I feel so bad when I don't drink? When you've gone too far, why do you go back to this poison? Why can't I stop? How do my children feel when I drink? Why do we hurt ourselves so much when we drink? Why do the people around us push us down? Can I stop with medication? What is withdrawal? Who can help me? Why is it so hard to project yourself after quitting alcohol? How can I relearn to live without alcohol?...
Author of her first autobiographical book, "Noyée dans l'alcool" (Drowned in alcohol), published by Editions Max Milo (5,000 copies sold), Virginie Hamonnais has identified 100 questions that most alcohol-dependent people, their families and friends ask themselves about this scourge. Virginie Hamonnais is now an Expert Patient Witness. In other words, she used to be an alcoholic and has taken a diploma to be able to help people addicted to this scourge. She shares everything she's learned to cope and stay out of alcohol without frustration. "Testimonials, quotes, and notions developed ... this book is done as I would have liked to read one when I was in it."
Afterword: Dr. Sculo, addictologist
Virginie Hamonnais, born in 1979 in Paris, director and production assistant, is a Patient Expert Witness to help alcoholics, especially women. She quit drinking in 2019, but is still fighting the scourge.
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